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Envirogold (EVG) is a WA-based investment company that seeks appropriate investments in other resource companies. EVG involves in identification and development of mineral resources particularly gold and gold tailings. The company is focused on the Las Lagunas tailings project in the Dominican Republic. EnviroGold was previously a broadly based investment company called Compass Gold Limited (CGA). It’s new name reflects a recent change of direction and the company listed on the ASX in November 1993.

The Company has three gold projects, namely Las Lagunas, El Callao and Azuay. Las Lagunas is engaged in processing refractory tailings. El Callao is engaged in processing refractory ore and tailings. Azuay is engaged in mining and processing sulphide ore. The Company’s subsidiaries include EnviroGold Holdings Pty Ltd, EnviroGold (Las Lagunas) Limited, EnviroGold (Dominicana) S.A., EnviroGold (Peru) S.A. and Las Lagunas Dominicana S.A. During the fiscal year ended June 30, 2009 (fiscal 2009), EnviroGold Holdings acquired the remaining 30% shares in EnviroGold (Las Lagunas) Limited. On July 17, 2008, the Company incorporated EnviroGold (Dominicana) S.A.

EVG's current focus is on the Las Lagunas project in the Dominican Republic. The project involves the extraction of gold and silver from the Las Lagunas tailings deposit which resulted from past mining of the Pueblo Viejo mine in the Dominican Respublic. The mine and adjoining tailings dam are located approximately 100km by road north-west of Santo Domingo. EVG's customers include general investors and fund managers. Envirogold's competitors include other investment companies, funds and trusts.

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  • Mineral exploration

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Phone: (02) 48010685
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