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Engin (ENG), formerly Mobile Innovations, is an Australian broadband telephone company that has committed itself to providing new and innovative broadband telephony services, including VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. Engin allows any broadband user to make and receive calls using their existing telephone at a very low price.

The Company’s products include engin oneHub, Voice Box 2, Voice Box 3102, Internet Phone 121, Internet Phone 221, Linksys Router, Netgear Voice Adaptor, Softphone and Broadband. The Company provides broadband telephone services within Australia. The Company’s subsidiaries include MIBroadband Pty Limited, Innocom Systems Pty Limited and Metrofi Investment Holdings Pty Limited. Engin's differentiating factor is its first-mover advantage. It was the first in the world with “000” emergency call termination, facilitated the first phone calls over broadband powerlines, was the first with 2 way calling on PC Phone and the first with a converged fixed/mobile product offering through their Voice Box Series 2 product.

Engin sells directly to businesses and household customers; through retail channels including Harvey Norman, Office Works, and Tandy; via dealer channels which comprise telecommunications and IT specialist distributors; and through wholesalers. Its main competitors include provider of telephone call services that operate in Australia including Telstra and Optus.

Engin History

Engin’s broadband telephony business was formed as a new telecommunications enterprise in 2003. The Company was granted a telecommunications licence in March 2004 and began building a broadband telephone network that now includes 11 points of presence in most major capital cities and selected regional centres. Engin commercially launched its services in September 2004 and now markets and sells a range of telephony products and services. The company changed its name to Engin in 2005.

Engin (ENG) Products and Services

  • Broadband telephony provider - Voice over IP

Engin (ENG) Locations and Subsidiaries

Engin Head Office
Level 2, 38-42 Pirrama Road,
Phone: (02) 8777 7777
Fax: (02) 8777 7192

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