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Empire Oil & Gas (EGO) is a engaged in oil and gas production and exploration. The Company's drilling prospects include EP 389, EP 426, EP 368, EP 432 and EP 416 in Perth basin; EP 359, EP 435, EP 444, EP 412, EP 466, EP 325, EP 433, EP 439 and EP 460 in Carnarvon basin; R1/ EP 104, EP 438 and EP 448. The Company's five drillable prospects include the Gingin Gasfield, the Gingin Deep Gasfield, the Gingin West Prospect Block A, the Gingin West Prospect Block B and the Bootine Deep Prospect. The Gingin Gasfield is a three-way dip closure on the down thrown (eastern) side of a major fault (the Bounding Fault). The Gingin Deep Gasfield is a tilted fault block on the western upthrown side of the fault bounding the Gingin Gasfield. The Gingin West Prospect Block A is a fault controlled anticline to the west of and updip from Bootine-1. The Gingin West Prospect Block B is an anticline to the south of and updip from Bootine. The Bootine Deep Prospect is a tilted fault block.

The company was listed on the ASX in January 1998. Its head office is situated in west Perth. The company designed, constructed and successfully commissioned an oil production facility for its Rough Range oil field, Exmouth Gulf. The facility includes heating and insulating components specifically to store and load crude oil into its insulated oil road tankers. EGO has renewed its attention to the oil potential of the Exmouth sub-basin.

Most oil is sold into global spot markets, whilst gas is typically sold under long-term contract arrangements with utilities, large industrial users and steel plants. Key competitors of Empire Oil & Gas include Rio Tinto, BHP, CH4 Gas Ltd (CHX) and Bounty Oil & Gas (BUY).

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  • Oil and gas exploration within Western Australia

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Empire Oil & Gas Head Office
Suites 7 & 8, 154 Hampden Road,
Phone: 08 6389 2687
Fax: 08 9386 6812

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