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Electro Optic Systems Holdings (EOS) operates in the aerospace and defense industries and it researches, develops, designs and manufactures advanced electro optic technology based devices and systems for these sectors. The products offered by the Company comprise specialised software applications, lasers, electronics, optics, gimbals, telescopes and beam directors, optical coatings and precision mechanisms. EOS listed on the ASX on October 23, 2000.

The Company comprises two business divisions: surveillance and control, and the military force protection. Its space surveillance and control segment is a specialist in space information relating to the use of military and commercial space applications such as the use of EOS-developed devices and sensors to detect, track, classify and describe objects in space. The Company manufactures and produces an extensive range of space-related infrastructure like telescopes and beam directors. EOS also commercialises some of its products and it is the world’s largest producer of optical telescopes. In 2005 the Company entered into a strategic partnership with US based Northrop Grumman to develop and exploit specific areas of the space sector. Its force protection division is involved in the development and production of remotely-controlled weapon systems that are based on existing weapons in customer inventory. EOS operates in this industry as both prime and sub-contractor, and in alliance with other associated entities. EOS is a sub-contractor to Recon optical Inc in the US Army CROWS program.

The Company’s research facilities are located in Australia, the US and Germany, with its production operations carried out predominately in Australia and the US. The Company is also planning new production facilities in Germany in 2007 in order to address the demand from both space and weapons industries.

Electro Optic Systems Holdings History

The Company was incorporated in 1983. It was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in October 2000.

Electro Optic Systems Holdings (EOS) Products and Services

  • Surveillance and sensors
  • Fire control systems and smart weapons
  • Telescopes
  • Satellite laser ranging
  • Space surveillance
  • Space debris and ablation

Electro Optic Systems Holdings Competitors

  • Boeing
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Brasher LP
  • Kongsberg Gruppen

Electro Optic Systems Holdings (EOS) Locations and Subsidiaries

Electro Optic Systems Holdings Head Office
Suite 2, Level 12, 75 Elizabeth Street
Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2000
Phone: (02) 9233 5015
Fax: (02) 9232 3411

Electro Optic Systems Holdings (EOS) Subsidiaries

Electro Optic System Pty Limited
FCS Technology Holdings Pty Limited
Fire Control Systems Pty Limited
EOS Technologies Inc
EOS Space Systems Pty Ltd

Trading Names

Electro Optic Systems Holdings Limited

Other Electro Optic Systems Holdings Details

Electro Optic Systems Holdings Year Established: 2000
ACN: 092 708 364
D-U-N-S: 740622469
ABN: 95092708364
Previous Company Names: Growth Property Investments Limited

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