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Eden Energy (EDE) is an Australian company involved in alternate energy exploration such as hydrogen and geothermal sources. EDE was listed on the ASX on 6 June 2006. It has four divisions eminently suitable for listing in their own right. One innovative business, Hythane® Co LLC (EDE 100%), is the production of hydrogen fuel that replaces natural gas and is leveraged to growth opportunities in India to potentially power all government buses. HyRadix (EDE 100%) is a world leader in making and storing hydrogen, and makes engine conversion kits. There are also geothermal and CBM projects.

In October 2008, the Company disposed Eden Hydrogen, Cryogenic Technical Services and Eden Cryogenics. During the fiscal year ended June 30, 2009, the Company wound up Brehon Far East Pte Ltd, Brehon Australasia Pty Ltd and Hydrogen China BVI Ltd.

Leading hydrogen/hythane technology has made inroads in India. EDE has formed strategic relationships and agreements with major market players to build engines and produce/distribute Hythane®. The cash-flow potential from its Indian operations alone has the potential to establish EDE as a major energy force in the sub-continent. Other green initiatives include a major geothermal portfolio and natural gas play in South Australia and a coal seam methane project in Wales.

EDE has the potential to compete directly with other gas or energy producers. The company has emerging markets in India, USA and China. Air pollution in major Chinese cities has led Chinese industrial groups to market and distribute Hythane® in different regions of China as part of the Clean Air Program campaign. In India, the government has utilised Natural gas as energy source for bus, taxi and auto rickshaw fleets. There are various Natural Gas and hydrogen planned and underway in the USA.

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EDE has a strategy to become a world leader in H fuels. Hythane® is 93% natural gas and 7% H and in properly tuned engines increases efficiency by 10% and reduces nitrogen oxides by 50%. Big steps forward are being made in India, where conversion of Ashok Leyland’s leading natural gas engine is almost complete. A deal has been done with Gujarat State Petroleum Co. to market and promote Hythane® in India. Eden Energy's acquisition of HyRadix was a good strategic step that supplies power for H fuel-cell buses.

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  • Alternate energy exploration

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Eden Energy Head Office
Level 40, 2 The Esplanade, Exchange Plaza,
PERTH, WA 6000
Phone: (08) 9282 5889
Fax: (08) 9282 5866

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