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Eastland Medical Systems (EMS) is involved in the development and manufacture of injection, infusion and blood-drawing devices. EMS's products are specifically designed to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries to healthcare workers. Core products include clip on converters, which convert conventional syringes into retractable needles; AutoInjecta, a fillable device for self-administration of drugs; and Safe Line Winged Infusion Set, a flexible IV line that reduces the risk of a needle stick injury.

The Company operates in two segments: Pharmaceutical development division, which is engaged in the development of pharmaceutical products used in the medial industry, and Distribution division, which provides a range of medical devices and consumables throughout Australia. It has operations in Australia and Bostwana. During fiscal 2009, it acquired the remaining 22% of Star Medical Bostwana, increasing its interest to 100%.

EMS holds a range of patents that improve the safety of injection devices. EMS's products are simple and relatively cheap. This is an important factor, given the massive usage of injection devices within the health industry. In addition, EMS is currently seeking to bring its three developed products to market. The company is supplying development samples of its Vacc Point technology to Terumo Corporation and Portex Inc. EMS competes with various safe syringe manufacturers, including Safemate, Welcon and bioMD (BOD).

Eastland Medical Systems

EMS was incorporated in 1999 and listed on the ASX in January 2002. The company has evolved from a 'start up' technology company to become a vertically integrated developer, manufacturer and distributor of safe injectable devices and other established medical products.

Eastland Medical Systems (EMS) Products and Services

  • Development and commercialisation of pharmaceutical products through new methods of delivery

Eastland Medical Systems (EMS) Locations and Subsidiaries

Eastland Medical Systems Head Office
54 Lindsay Street,
PERTH, WA 6000
Phone: (08) 9436 9500
Fax: (08) 9436 9505

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