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Diamonex (DON) is a diamond exploration company, with exploration projects located in Botswana in southern Africa where significant diamond assets have been acquired. DON is a public Australian company based in Brisbane. It was formed as a specialist diamond explorer with the objective of discovering and developing commercial diamond-bearing bodies. It was listed at ASX on 30 March, 2004. It holds exploration licenses covering more than 15 square kilometers.

Most junior diamond explorers share the same goal of aiming to build a balanced portfolio of high quality producing and exploration diamond assets - a combination of solid earnings with positive cash flow coupled with blue sky opportunity through ones exploration portfolio. In the post De Beers total control era, very few juniors have been able to achieve this. Most have highly prospective exploration assets, but few have truly producing assets, and even fewer have producing assets that actually generate profits.

DiamonEx is different, it has achieved this goal. It will by 30 June 2008 have a producing diamond mine liberating around 30,000 carats per month and generating several million dollars of profit per annum, which will put it into the top ten diamond producers in the world by number of carats. In addition to this DiamonEx has 20 square kilometres of exploration ground in Botswana in what they call the magic circle of diamond production where 30 percent of the world's diamonds are produced by value, and DiamonEx also has a highly prospective 9 hectare diamondiferous kimberlite pipe in Colorada (USA) in an area that comprises the largest number of kimberlites in the US.

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