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Desane Group Holdings (DGH) is involved in building, contracting as well as property investment, project management and resale activities. DGH was listed on the ASX on 4 September, 1987. It focuses on the industrial market segment. The company owns and manages more than $70M of industrial and commercial properties in and around Sydney. The company was incorporated in NSW in 1986 under the name Lymate Pty Ltd. It adopted its present name in 1987.

Desane operates in three segments: Property Project Management and Resale, which is engaged in property project management and resale of commercial, industrial and residential properties, principally in Sydney; Property Services, which include property and related services, and Property Investment, which includes rental income from prime real estate investments. As of June 30, 2009, the Company’s properties included Lane Cove (Sirius Road), Lane Cove (Orion Road), Rozelle (Lilyfield Road Multimedia Centre), JG Evans Business Centre, Lidcombe (Nicholas Street), Lane Cove (Burns Bay Road) and Rozelle Bay Commercial Centre (Lilyfield Road). In January 2010, the Company completed the sale of the industrial strata Unit-2 at the J.G. Evans Business Centre, located in the Sydney suburb of Lidcombe.

DGH specialises in the property development market in areas of property investment, management and services. The company aims to increase its portfolio holdings focusing on high value and growth areas, conservative financing, opportunistic purchasing and low overheads costs.

Major competitors of DGH would be other financial diversified trusts on the market that focus on capital property growth in commercial, industrial and retail sectors. Customers would consist of companies, that is, tenants offering to lease the property, retail and car park spaces within the buildings of the property portfolio.

Desane Group Holdings (DGH) Products and Services

  • Property investment, Property project management and resale, and Building contracting

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Desane Group Holdings Head Office
Level 1, 89 Moore Street,
Phone: (02) 9569 0344
Fax: (02) 9550 9363

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