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Datamotion Asia Pacific (DMN), previously known as Synergy Equities (SYG), provides secure information exchange for businesses via its Intelligent Information Transport (IIT) platform. DMN has two wholly owned subsidiaries: Data-inCrypt, which provides online data backup and recovery worldwide, and Synergy Business Solutions Australia, which operates DMN's Datacentre. The company has transitioned its business model to reflect its commitment to DataMotion platform in the Asia Pacific region. Investors can trade Datamotion Asia Pacific shares on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

DataMotion Asia Pacific (DMN), previously known as Synergy Equities (SYG), first listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in March 1987. Its head office is located in West Perth, Australia. DMN's major competitors include other developers and implementers of IT service solutions in Australia. Its customers range in industries from financial and healthcare/insurance to government.

DMN's differentiating factor is that it provides industry's first technology platform specifically designed for intelligent information transport (IIT). Also, it owns its infrastructure (e.g., the DataCentre) and its complementary internet technology systems like Data-inCrypt® (an online data backup and recovery solution) and Data-inCrypt® SMX (an encrypted email and documents exchange technology).

DataMotion Asia Pacific offers the below services to help you gain visibility into your day-to-day business activities, and govern information transfer inside and outside of your organization so you can make more informed business decisions. All DataMotion services are built upon their cloud-enabled Intelligent Information Transport platform, and are designed to integrate seamlessly with one another while leveraging your existing messaging infrastructure.

Datamotion Asia Pacific (DMN) Products and Services

  • DataMotion SecureMail & Intelligent Information Transport platform

Datamotion Asia Pacific (DMN) Locations and Subsidiaries

Datamotion Asia Pacific Head Office
Level 1 Westcentre, 1260 Hay Street,
Phone: (08) 9415 2212
Fax: (08) 9415 2221

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