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CTI Logistics (CLX) provides transport and security services, printing, paper converting, manufacturing of plastic products and investment. The company listed on the 2 December 1987. It also provides manufacturing, security and other services, which includes the manufacturing of plastic products and provision of security services. Its subsidiaries include Bring Transport Industries Pty Ltd, Mercury Messengers Pty Ltd, CTI Security Services Pty Ltd, CTI Transport Systems Pty Ltd, CTI Taxi Trucks Pty Ltd, CTI Security Systems Pty Ltd and CTI Fleet Management Pty.

Besides being just a simple transportation company providing logistics to suppliers, CTI also have a manufacturing, security and other services division. Within this unique division, there is off-set printing, plastic injection moulding, and security services. Planned printing press replacement in 2006 should enable the business to maintain its strategic position in the Perth off-set print market and to provide enhanced returns on the increased investment. CTI Logistics's major competitors would include other transportation companies such as Lindsay Australia and Fox Logistics. Customers include wholesalers and suppliers who wish to transport their goods to coastal cities from rural regions.

CTI Logistics (CLX) Products and Services

  • Provision of transport, warehousing, security services, manufacturing of plastic products and investment

CTI Logistics (CLX) Locations and Subsidiaries

CTI Logistics Head Office
328 Aberdeen Street,
Phone: (08) 9227 6333
Fax: (08) 9227 8000

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