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Cryosite (CTE) provides specialised outsourced logistic services to a range of clients, including the research, medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary and biotechnology industries. The company's service includes the collection, processing and storage of cord blood stem cells for private use; and the archival storage of biological material for biological-based industries. In addition, CTE offers a computer-based management system for samples stored at customers own locations. Cryosite was listed on the ASX in May 2002. Its head office is situated in Sydney.

The Company is the distributor of products from the American Type Culture Collection. It has customer base of over 400 research institutions and biotechnology companies in Australia and New Zealand. The Company’s services include cord blood, clinical trial services, archival, cryobyte and adult stem cell storage. The Company’s wholly owned subsidiary is Cryosite Distribution Pty Limited.

CTE has a number of exclusive contracts for the storage and transportation of biological materials. The company has also entered into a collaboration with the Centre for Blood Therapies at Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute in Melbourne, to have their patients' blood stem cells collected and stored for potential therapeutic use in the future, before they undergo high dose chemotherapy.

Cryosite's customers include hospitals, universities, private laboratories and other biotechnology companies. CTE has distribution arrangements with ATCC and Icon Clinical Research, which provide biological samples for clinical research. CTE's storage facilities compete primarily with on-site facilities.

Cryosite (CTE) Products and Services

  • Specialised outsourced logistic services

Cryosite (CTE) Locations and Subsidiaries

Cryosite Head Office
13A Ferndell Street,
South Granville, NSW 2142
Phone: (02) 9420 1400
Fax: (02) 9420 1414

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