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Credit Corp Group (CCP) is a receivables manager operating in Australia. CCP specialises in debt purchase, debt collection, mercantile collections and process serving, with a key focus on acquisition of purchased debt ledgers. Credit Corp Group listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 4rth September, 2000.

CCP focuses its development activities through three divisions namely, Debt Ledger Purchasing, Mercantile Collections and Process Serving. CCP’s Debt Ledger Purchasing business focuses on purchasing clients debts at a discount to their value from creditors with the purpose of recovering amounts more than the purchase price during the life of the receivables. Its Mercantile Collections segment operates via an agency or commission-based model for a specific time interval. Its Process Serving business includes the provision of legal support and investigative services to customers.

CCP focuses on establishing long-term purchasing relationships with its customers. Credit Corp’s goal is to optimise the controls and disciplines in its collection operations and workflow management system and it offers training to all of its collection employees about its compliance policies, collection methods and technical systems through its structured induction program.

The Company through its intelligent pricing models developed by its analytics function is offering fair prices for PDL’s. Credit Corp cares about its customers' interest in brand protection and it utilises a customer centric approach to debt collection. The Company’s success is underpinned by its skilled personnel and it is operating 5 sites in Australia. CCP also has major investments in the technology and resources that reinforce its collection operations. This has enabled CCP to build a sound infrastructure geared towards providing sustainable performance over the long term.

Credit Corp Group History

Established in 1992 Credit Corp Group was initially focused on personal and commercial loans. During the following eight years, the Company created new business operations such as credit cards and trade receivables. The Company made its debut on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2000.

Credit Corp Group (CCP) Products and Services

  • Debt purchase and collection
  • Mercantile collections
  • Process serving

Credit Corp Group Competitors

  • Dun&Bradstreet
  • Baycorp Advantage (BCA)
  • Collection House (CLH)
  • RMG Limited (RMG)
  • Repcol (RPC)

Credit Corp Group (CCP) Locations and Subsidiaries

Credit Corp Group Head Office
Level 11, 10 Barrack Street
Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2000
Phone: (02) 9347 3600
Fax: (02) 9223 3052

Credit Corp Group Subsidiaries

Alupka Credit Pty Limited
Alupka Holdings Pty Limited
Certus Partners Pty Ltd
Credit Corp Australia Pty Limited
Credit Corp Services Pty Limited
Falay Pty Ltd
Korilly Pty Ltd

Trading Names

Credit Corp Group Limited

Other Credit Corp Group Details

Credit Corp Group Year Established: 1992
ACN: 092 697 151
ABN: 33 092 697 151

Credit Corp Group (CCP) Share Price

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