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Cougar Energy's (CXY) business focus is the development of commercial projects using Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) technology, which aims to provide cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions to both the Australian and international energy markets. Cougar also owns 47.8 percent of its subsidiary company, Cougar Energy (UK) Limited (an unlisted company in the UK). Cougar Energy (UK) was established to develop similar UCG based opportunities in India, Pakistan, the UK and Europe, with projects in the rest of the world remaining with the Australian company.

Cougar Energy Limited is a publicly listed Australian company that trades on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) Industrials board under the code CXY. Cougar maintains working relationship with key equipment manufacturers and suppliers, and other organizations with specialist technical and financial expertise that allows the company to rapidly bring together project teams able to undertake UCG project developments anywhere in the world.

Cougar Energy's Strategy

Superior technology and world's best practice delivery when coupled with experience makes for success. Cougar's people and technology partners are recognized internationally as leaders in UCG project development.

The company's medium term strategy involves development of a first commercial project in Australia as a power generation project, to establish the credibility of the technology at an operating commercial scale. This project will serve as a format for the development of subsequent commercial project both in Australia and overseas. Such project might be further power generation projects, or conversion of the UCG product gas into variety of petrochemical products.

Cougar Energy's Technology

Cougar Energy maintains a formal licence agreement with Ergo Exergy Technologies of Canada for the provision of Ergo Exergy's UCG technology to all UCG projects to be developed by both Cougar Energy Ltd and Cougar Energy (UK) Ltd.

Dr. Len Walker (Managing Director of Cougar Energy) and Dr. Michael Blinderman (Director of Ergo Exergy) have been working together to commercialise UCG technology since 1996. Between 1999 and 2002, Dr Walker and Dr Blinderman initiated and conducted the longest and most successful UCG test burn yet undertaken in the Western world at Chinchilla in Queensland. The test gasified around 35,000 tonnes of coal during this period, meeting all required environmental standards.

Together, their knowledge and insight into the potential costs and benefits arising from the utilisation of UCG technology for generating energy is surpassed by none other in Australia.

Cougar Energy (CXY) Products and Services

  • Development of Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) technology

Cougar Energy (CXY) Locations and Subsidiaries

Cougar Energy Head Office
Suite 1002, Level 10, 530 Little Collins Street, Exchange Tower
Phone: 03 9909 7200
Fax: 03 9909 7217

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