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ConnXion Ventures (CXN) is an innovative technology company and provides document production and delivery solutions. CXN delivers critical business documents (that is, invoices, statements, reminder letters, remittance advices and reports) to customers, shareholders, employees and suppliers across multiple delivery channels, including e-mail, fax, SMS and the postal system. The company listed on the 13 January 2005.

The Company also offers its client’s a service for archiving and presentment of documents, which has been branded Xstore. During the fiscal year ended June 30, 2009, Connxion Ventures Limited launched a new service offering electronic payment processing and receivables management branded as Xpay. Its geographical segments are located in Australia and South East Asia, which includes a sales operation in Singapore.

ConnXion Ventures (CXN) specialise in electronic paper delivery. This is different from hard copy delivery and thereby reduces costs and is more efficient. ConnXion service accepts raw data and uses proprietory SchemaPak technology to build documents in a media-independent, vendor-neutral format. Only then are they converted to traditional formats for delivery by post, e-mail, fax or other means. This ensures totally automatic and seamless delivery across different delivery channels.

Major customers of CXN include businesses, big or small, with copying or distribution of paperwork needs. Major threats would be other companies providing office supplies such as Office works for photocopying or companies who set up businesses for easier delivery of documents.

ConnXion Ventures (CXN) Products and Services

  • Delivers critical business documents like invoices, statements, reminder letters, remittance advices and reports

ConnXion Ventures (CXN) Locations and Subsidiaries

ConnXion Ventures Head Office
Level 9, 234 Sussex Street,
Phone: 02 9250 8888
Fax: 02 9250 8890

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