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Compumedics (CMP) is a leader in developing and manufacturing diagnostic technology for sleep and associated disorders. CMP was listed on ASX on 21 December, 2000. Its technology focuses on the fast growing sleep medicine market though it is increasingly focusing on the associated fields of neurodiagnostics and brain research. By defining life's signals, CMP's technology turns vast amounts of data into valuable information that leads to more accurate diagnosis and consequently more effective therapy for some of the most serious health conditions.

The Company is engaged in the development and commercialization of technology, with a focus on the sleep medicine and neurology markets. It operates in five divisions: compumedics sleep, compumedics neuroscience, neuroscan, neuromedical supplies, and compumedics DWL. The Company offers computer based diagnostic technologies in the areas of sleep, neurology and cardiology. It also offers diagnostic systems for laboratory, ambulatory and portable applications. Its product ProFusion Nexus, provides tools to help manage patients, data, decisions and documents in the laboratory. Compumedics provides its products via international network of distributors and direct sales offices. It operates in the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and Germany.

All CMP's products are developed, designed, manufactured and marketed from the company's Australian corporate headquarters in Melbourne. In distributing these products Compumedics (CMP) has established a number of high profile relationships with NASA, the US military, and various universities. The US, Japan and Europe provide CMP's largest markets for its products. In addition, CMP's customers are primarily universities, hospitals, research centres and independent clinics. The company's major customers include the Mayo Clinic, Walter Reed Military Hospital, NASA, The University of California and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Major Competitors include Resmed and Medcare amongst others.

Compumedics History

The company was incorporated in Melbourne, 1987, by Mr David Burton (current Executive Chairman), and Dr Murray Johns. In 1991, the first S-Series laboratory sleep system, and later the P-Series portable systems, were developed. In 1996, the company’s product was chosen to supply the diagnostic equipment to the largest sleep study in the world; the US funded Sleep Heart Health Study. This follows earlier sales to NASA.

Compumedics (CMP) Products and Services

  • Development and commercialisation of technology in computer based patient monitoring and diagnostic systems

Compumedics (CMP) Locations and Subsidiaries

Compumedics Head Office
30-40 Flockhart Street,
Phone: 61 3 8420 7300
Fax: 61 3 8420 7399

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