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Colorpak (CKL) produces folding cartons for the healthcare, cosmetics, food and wine markets. The company offers design, printing, cutting, folding and banding services as well as specialised packaging options, which include tamper-evident seals and acetate windows.

Colorpak Limited ensures continuous high quality packaging services by maintaining close control over every process, with virtually every packaging service operated in-house. This is a significant point of difference and a valuable advantage for their clients.

Implicit in Colorpak Limited's culture is a strict adherence to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) throughout the operation. Clients can be confident that their packaging is manufactured under stringent quality and procedural guidelines. Every staff member receives supervised training in best practice processes.

CKL works closely with the customer to create a customized structural design before the digital pre-press process. CKL products offer printing in up to six colours coating. The packaging is then cut, folded and glued. The company offers a range of embossing and foil stamping application through the subsidiary 'Foilmasters'. Colorpak also offers packaging options, including tamper-evident packaging, binary code verification and high-strength cartons. Cartons are then sent flat to the customer.

Colorpak services both national and international companies, including Cussons, L'Oreal, Sigma, CSL, Nestle and Beringer Blass. Major competitors include other companies that offer folding carton products.

Colorpak History

Colorpak has carton plants in Melbourne and Sydney. The company was founded by Mr P.T. Huggins in South Yara in the 1920s. Due to a number of acquisitions and expansions, the company has grown with the purchase of Foilmasters and Premara Packaging in Melbourne. CKL was listed on the ASX in April 2004.

Colorpak (CKL) Products and Services

  • Manufacturer of folding cartons

Colorpak (CKL) Locations and Subsidiaries

Colorpak Head Office
63-73 Woodlands Drive,
Phone: (03) 9587 8333
Fax: (03) 9587 8162

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