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Clover Corporation Ltd (CLV) develops and markets products from tuna fish oil and other natural oils, for use in the food, pharmaceutical and farming industries. CLV has developed a high grade DHA (Omega-3 fatty acid) for use in children's formula and bread. Hi-DHA is a refined form of tuna fish oil, devoid of smell or taste. The company has also developed a technology to supply Hi-DHA in a dry powder form. CLV is also developing Prosperm a process aimed at incorporating Hi-DHA into animal feed.

The Company operates in two business segments. The Company’s manufacturing division is engaged in the manufacture of tuna oils and related products. Major product lines of this division include, fish and algal oil-derived omega-3 oils and microencapsulated powders. Clover’s distribution division provides a range of freight and transportation services throughout, Australia and overseas and specializes in the transportation of the oil and soy bean products to various customers. Its subsidiaries include Nu-Mega Lipids Pty Limited, Nu-Mega Ingredients Pty Limited, Clover Healthcare Limited and Clover Corporation PLC.

Clover Corporation Ltd (CLV) has developed a market-leading product in its Hi-DHA extracts. The company is looking to expand the range of applications for its products to the agricultural sector. Clover supplies its products to a range of natural health supplement suppliers. It also supplies to Heinz Farley for its infant formulas and Goodman Fielder for various bread products. CLV competes with other natural health supplement manufacturers and developers.

Clover Corporation History

The company was established in 1988 by Hamish Drummond. Originally the company focused on supplying natural oils and raw materials to the pharmaceutical industry. In 1991 the company was incorporated and shifted its focus to R&D. In 1997, Soul Pattinson injected $10m into the organization to support Clover's Omega-3 fatty acid project, Diphorm. On 25 December 1999, Clover listed on the ASX. In 2002 CLV established Nu-Mega in conjunction with Food Spectrum Group, to market its food developments.

The company evolved from being a Research and Development, Manufacturing and Marketing company to one concentrating on forming strategic relationships focused on technology, new product development and commercialization.

Clover Corporation developed technically advanced and cost-efficient delivery systems for long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids for their application in infant and children’s nutrition, nutritional supplements and functional foods. Innovations in manufacturing techniques and ingredient design, some jointly developed with Food Science Australia, have resulted in several international patents for encapsulated processes and products.

Clover Corporation (CLV) Products and Services

  • Manufacturer and supplier of Functional Food ingredients containing LCPs to the healthcare and nutrition markets

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Clover Corporation Head Office
1st Floor, 160 Pitt Street,
Phone: (02) 9232 7166
Fax: (02) 9233 1025

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