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Century Australia Investments (CYA) is a listed investment company that has been established to provide investors with access to the investment style and expertise of 452 Capital Pty Limited (a boutique fund manager). 452 focus on investing in undervalued companies and also manage a number of (unlisted) managed fund products. The Company invests in sectors, such as consumer discretionary, consumer staples, materials, industrials, property trusts and telecommunications services. As of August 14, 2009, Century Australia Investments Limited’s investments included Austereo Group Limited, APN News & Media Limited, Consolidated Media Holdings Limited, News Corporation Class B and Reef Casino Trust.

CYA's primary differentiating factor is the management style of 452 Capital. 452 Capital uses an active bottom-up approach to portfolio management. Their benchmark is the S&P/ASX 300. Small share funds, institutions and retail investors are the major shareholders/ customers of listed investment companies. There is substantial cross ownership within the listed investment company sector. Listed competitors include other listed investment companies and trusts, pooled development funds, exchange traded funds and absolute return funds. Unlisted competitors are primarily managed funds products distributed through financial planners.

Century Australia Investments History

Century Australia (CYA) listed on the ASX on 8 April, 2004. 452 Capital is an independent fund management company focused on the management of assets invested in the Australian share market. The company was founded in 2002 by Peter Morgan and Warwick Negus and is based in Sydney, Australia.

Century Australia Investments CYA's Objectives & Philosophy

The investment objective of the CYA is to provide long-term capital growth and income by investing in quality, undervalued Australian companies and the fundamental investment philosophy underpinning the Manager's active bottom-up approach to portfolio management is the belief that the share prices of listed companies often fail to reflect their inherent fair valuation. These differences occur as a result of imperfect information and/or market inefficiencies. A disciplined investment process that aims to identify quality undervalued companies thus aims to exploit those inefficiencies and deliver consistent long-term investment performance.

Century Australia Investments (CYA) Products and Services

  • Investing in Australian listed companies

Century Australia Investments (CYA) Locations and Subsidiaries

Century Australia Head Office
20 Hunter Street, Level 7, C/ - White Outsourcing Pty Limited,

Phone: (02) 8236 7701
Fax: (02) 9221 1194

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