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Australian company Cell Aquaculture Ltd (CAQ) has developed the EcoCell "Hatch to Dispatch" concept, a land-based seafood production package. The company is headquartered in Fremantle, Western Australia. Its subsidiaries include TRG Cell Sdn Bhd, Cell Aqua Malaysia Sdn Bhd. In March 2008, the Company disposed its interest in Delta Aquaculture Services, LLC. The EcoCell seafood growing system first commenced development early in 1997. CAQ listed on the ASX on 25 July 2005. In 2006, the company expanded its operations into the US, with joint venture partner Delta Aquaculture Services.

Cell Aquaculture has developed its Eco-Star brand and unique packaging designs to position finfish produced by the EcoCell system as a premium seafood product for international markets. It has also developed a range of value added products to capitalise on the Australian image. CAQ competes with other seafood producers and aquaculture operators. Its customers include seafood retailers, supermarkets in Australia and overseas.

Cell Aquaculture History

The Cell seafood growing system first commenced development early in 1997 when Perryman Leach (Chairman - Cell Aqua) identified ‘a massive window of opportunity’. His engineering background and extensive experience of intensive farming, led him to question if these tried and proven farming methods, could be replicated in the seafood industry.

Mr Leach commenced his intensive research and travelled the world extensively, researching and analysing leading aquaculture methods and systems, highlighting the main advantages and disadvantages of each. He was aware of the increasing pressures on the global seafood industry and the compounding environmental issues inherent with existing aquaculture. So he began the intensive development of what is now know as the Cell system. With all of the Cell objectives proven Cell Aquaculture Ltd now introduce this technology and the “Hatch to Dispatch” concept to the world market.

Cell Aquaculture (CAQ) Products and Services

  • Commercialisation of EcoCell system of aquaculture production

Cell Aquaculture (CAQ) Locations and Subsidiaries

Cell Aquaculture Head Office
15 Labouchere Road, Unit 53,

Phone: (08) 9445 0444
Fax: (08) 9445 3116

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