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Cardia Bioplastics (CNN) was previously called Cardia Technologies. Its principal activities are in bioplastics, uranium exploration and environmental technology. CNN has operations in Australia, Hong Kong and China. The company operates five business units. CNN listed on the ASX on 21 November 1996. The company's wholly owned subsidiary Aquenox Pty Ltd was demerged in 2007, but Cardia continues to retain an interest in it. The company changed its name from Cardia Technologies to Cardia Bioplastics in 2009.

The company invests in technologies that have global application in industries. For example, the Aquenox water treatment system can capitalise on the growth in the global water recycling business. Major customers for its water treatment business include local government bodies, mining, mineral, food and beverage and the carwashing industries. Its competitors include companies in various sectors that CNN has invested in, including biotechnology and mining companies.

Cardia Bioplastics (CNN) Products and Services

  • Environmental technology, agricultural, pest control and medical biotechnology, natural pharmaceuticals and mining exploration

Cardia Bioplastics (CNN) Locations and Subsidiaries

Cardia Bioplastics Head Office
737 Burwood Road, Pacific Tower, Suite 510 Level 5,

Phone: (03) 9813 3228
Fax: (03) 9813 2668

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