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Carbon Minerals (CRM) is a coal and gas exploration company operating primarily in the Murray and Gunnedah basins. CRM aims to find deposits of coal and methane gas and develop them as viable energy sources. The company was listed on the Australian stock market (ASX) in December 1980. Its head office is situated in Sydney.

The company's principal focus in the short term is on progressing Georges Island to a commercial production field. This is due to the high-quality methane discovery from the Breeza Seam in ACM Georges Island #1 Well. The Company’s wholly owned subsidiaries include Linger & Die Gold Pty Limited, Australian Coalbed Methane Pty Limited and Websters Find Gold Pty Limited.

Major competitors include other coal and gas producers such as CH4 Gas Ltd (CHX), Bounty Oil & Gas and Austral Coal Ltd (AUO). Customers for coal include industrial and energy companies as well as overseas markets in China and India. Gas is typically sold under long term contract arrangements with utilities, large industrial users and steel plants.

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  • Natural resources exploration in Australia

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Carbon Minerals Head Office
c/o Mitchell & Partners, GPO Box 5460,
Phone: (02) 9392 8686
Fax: (02) 9299 8195

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