Capital Goods

Acma Engineering & Construction Group (ACX) - ACMA Engineering and Construction Group (ACX) is engaged in a variety of activites such as the fabrication of steel work for buildings and the manufacture of grain silos and augers for the rural sector. ACMA Engineering is also involved in the provision of two solutions for onshore pipeline and plant projects in the oil and gas industries

Aft Corporation (AFT) - is an Australia-based healthcare company engaged in marketing of Microgenix air purification system.

Aj Lucas Group (AJL) - is an Australian company which delivers engineering and construction services for the energy, water and telecommunications industries in Australia and the Asia Pacific.

Alesco Corporation (ALS) - is an Australian-based company with portfolio that of different business that are engaged in the construction and mining, building and renovations, as well as scientific and medical.

Atlas Group Holdings (AHS) - specialises in the primary processing and distribution of specialty metal products.

Ausenco (AAX) - is engaged in the provision of engineering and project management facilities to the mining and minerals processing industries worldwide.

Ausmelt (AET) - is a manufacturer, designer and supplier of Ausmelt furnace systems for use in metals production or wastes processing.

Austal (ASB) - is an Australia-based company engaged in the design and manufacturing of high-performance aluminum naval vessels and vehicles.

Boart Longyear (BLY) - is a global leader in providing drilling services and drilling products for consumers in the mining and minerals, environmental and infrastructure, and energy industries.

Boom Logistics (BOL) - is a leading provider of lifting solutions in Australia. The Company provides services to the industrial maintenance, commercial construction and resources sectors.

Bradken (BKN) - is a holding company engaged in the manufacture and supply of mining, construction and railroad industry equipment.

Crane Group (CRG) - is a company engaged in the manufacture and distribution of aluminium extrusions, copper tube, bar extrusions, copper alloy rod and plumbing supplies.

Csr (CSR) - is a company engaged in sugar, aluminium and the manufacturing of construction and building materials.

Grd (GRD) - Formerly the Gold & Resources Developments, GRD Ltd is an Australia-based company engaged in providing engineering and construction services for the infrastructure and resource heavy industry in Australia.

Gwa International (GWT) - is an Australia-based company engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of household consumer products such as bathroom products and sanitary ware, tap ware, laundry tubs and stainless steel sinks, door fittings and hardware, hot water storage units, lawn equipment, garden care equipment and furniture through the company's distribution channel networks in Australia and abroad.

Hills Industries (HIL) - is a diversified company principally engaged in the manufacture and wholesale of metal home and hardware and electronic products.

Leighton Holdings (LEI) - is known as the parent company of a group consisted of Thiess, Leighton Contractors, Leighton Asia (Northern), Leighton Asia (Southern), John Holland and Leighton Properties, which all focus on project development as well as contracting businesses with activities including facilities management , operations and maintenance, environmental services, contract mining and engineering and building construction.

Macmahon Holdings (MAH) - is a leading civil construction and contract mining company, specialising in surface and underground mining, civil engineering, quarrying and processing, and equipment hiring.

Metal Storm (MST) - is a multi-national defense technology company primarily engaged in developing electronically ballistic systems with the use of the company's stacked projectile technology.

Monadelphous Group (MND) - is a specialist provider of diverse engineering construction, maintenance and industrial services in the resources, energy and infrastructure sectors.

United Group (UGL) - is Australia's leading broad-based infrastructure and services group. Its principal activities incorporate industrial maintenance, manufacturing and engineering services, and development and maintenance of resources and industrial properties.