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BluGlass Limited (BLG) has been formed to commercialise a new, low-cost technology for producing semi-conductor material gallium nitride (GaN). GaN is used in the manufacture of blue, green and white high-brightness light-emitting diodes (HB-LED) and blue lasers. Common consumer and industrial electronics that use high-brightness GaN LEDs include mobile phones, PDAs, traffic lighting, signage, automotive lighting, Blu-ray disc technology and the emerging general lighting need. The company was incorporated on 24 October 2005 with the purpose of acquiring technologies capable of generating wealth for shareholders. On 24 July 2006, shareholders approved the purchase of Gallium Enterprises. Gallium Enterprises was a private company formed to commercialise the research conducted by Macquarie University that found a way to deposit gallium nitride onto glass and other low-cost substrates. The company then listed on the ASX in September 2006.

BluGlass's technical achievements act as a strong market differentiator. External financial evaluation showed the potential for BLG's technology to reduce the cost of epi wafer deposition by as much as 48% at the epi wafer and 10% at the device level. BLG has succeeded in GaN deposition on glass and sapphire at 2" at lower temperatures, without toxic ammonia, and on glass wafers from 2" to 6", against the industry norm of 2”. Blue-light emission has been produced on wafers up to 6" in diameter. Moreover, major customers of BluGlass Limited (BLG) are manufacturers of electronic devices, of which 67.6% manufacture backlights for displays and keypads in mobile appliances. The rest of the customers are manufacturers of colour video signs (8.8%), automotive instrument cluster lighting (8.3%), traffic signals (1.1%), illumination applications (4.4%) and other general-purpose indicator and display applications (9.8%).

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  • Development and commercialisation of semiconductor material gallium nitride

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