Stock Spam Decline

According to a TRACE (Threat Research and Content Engineering) Report released last December, stock spam is on the decline.

Stock ‘pump n dump’ spam declined to an almost insignificant 1% of spam after its peak of nearly 50% in February 2007.

AWB Shares: Shady Dealings

There has been some shady dealings with respect to AWB shares, David Tweed and his company "Australian Share Purchasing Corporation." A number of farmers in Victoria have reported receiving a letter from Tweed's company offering to buy their AWB shares for well under their market value. Australian Share Purchasing is offering to buy AWB shares off the farmers for $1.50 per share - compare that to the price of $2.71 - that was the share price for AWB when farmers were receiving the letters.

Unrealistic Returns and Benchmarks

I was watching local Australian TV the other day and I cringed when I heard saw an advertisement for investment properties and this voice over stated:

xxx returned 109% over three years for their investors – try to match that with a bank.

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Be Wary of Where You Get Your Information

There are so many scam artists out there, and in the share trading game a lot of people are promoting their 'secrets' and their 'mastery programs' on how to succeed in the markets. I was surfing around recently and I found this article about wealth creation gurus. I don’t claim to be one. I’m my own person, I’m here to prove nothing and I’m here to give some commentary on my thoughts about trading and perhaps give my readers an insight into my trading style. It is important that you do your due diligence before you are pressured to sign up to one of those courses… find out if the company is reputable, who is the founder and why are they selling their strategy? Whenever I do go to these hard-sell seminars - you know those free seminars that they give out, the question that always lies in my mind is that - are they for real? Why are they doing it?

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