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The Influence of Market Rumours

There is an old saying "Buy on the Rumour, Sell on the News" which relates to how investors and traders typically anticipate upcoming market events and either sit on the sidelines or open up a trade (or “Buy on the Rumour”) and then when the news is released into the public domain, the traders close their trades to take profits (“Sell on the News”). Rumours play an integral part or natural market flow.

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My Hit List for ASX Australian Stocks - 3 per cent margin CFD

This list of the stocks are on my hit list. They are (or I think that are) on the top 20 stocks of the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). But the main reason why I've sifted thse 20 stocks is that my broker gives me the largest leverage with these stocks. At 3% down with CFDs they are the lowest margin rates around. Although you are liable for more interest, they provide you with higher risk/reward ratio - hence you must have a tight risk management strategy before you start trading these stocks with CFDs.

ANZ - Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd
BHP - BHP Billiton Ltd
CBA - Commonwealth Bank of Australia
FGL - Foster's Group Ltd
IAG - Insurance Australia Group Ltd

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