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Blina Diamonds (BDI) locates, evaluates and mines diamond deposits in the under-explored Ellendale Lamproite Field. The company has entered into a joint venture with Kimberley Diamond Company (KDC). It's KDC that established mining operations on the Ellendale Mining Lease. BDI is a spin off from Kimberley Diamond Company. Both companies have entered into a joint venture agreement, whereby Blina has rights to alluvial deposits on the Ellendale Mining Lease and KDC maintains rights to any pipes.

Ellendale fields is a largely untested area, according to BDI. The company is exploring for and evaluating alluvial and lamproite diamond deposits in an area covering 1,800sqkm of the Ellendale Field. Together, KDC and Blina have a commanding influence over the centre core of the Ellendale Field, enabling a co-ordinated and comprehensive re-evaluation of this largely untested area for the first time since its discovery in 1976. The company competes with other diamond explorers and producers based both in Australia and overseas such as Flinders Diamonds, Dwyka Diamonds and North Australian Diamonds. BDI sells diamonds to the industrial and jewellery markets.

Blina Diamonds (BDI) Products and Services

  • Sells diamonds to the industrial and jewellery markets.

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Blina Diamonds Head Office
52 Kings Park Road, Level 3,
WA 6005

Phone: (08) 9426 9888
Fax: (08) 9426 9899

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