Beginning Investor's Bible

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Learn to Play Aggressive Strategies conservatively and Conservative Strategies Aggressively.The road to riches in the stock market is littered with bones of those who started their journey without a map and without protection.

In addition to teaching the basics of trading in Beginning Investor’s Bible, Doug explains some of the most powerful strategies beginners can use, as well as techniques to intrigue intermediate traders. The book includes information on:

  • How to create a game plan and mind set to build your wealth.
  • Play naked puts and how to build credit and debit spreads.
  • When and how to use straddles and strangles to safeguard your money.
  • Where to set stop losses and how to formulate escape plans.
  • Beginning Investors Bible is a great place to start your journey into trading and financial freedom-safely.

Positive Review of Book

I am the author of STOCK SPLIT SECRETS, and earn my living in the stock market. I have a degree in fundamentals, and I learned more from Doug in this book than four years of college! Fundamentals are critical to picking better candidates, and Doug holds your hand in this easy to understand and critical knowledge if you dare trade! I highly recommend you buy this and read it before you place another is that important! As Doug says, it doesn't matter when you buy if what you buy is no good!

Negative Review of Book

This is a good book for beginners to get some key ideas about investing, but probably not much help for a seasoned investor.

Author Biography

Doug went on to write the "Beginning Investors Bible" to share his familiarity with trading and explain fundamentals, as well as basic and advanced concepts, of the stock market.

Doug helps other individuals learn to trade the stock market. Because of his experience in the area of sector analysis, Doug focuses much of his advanced instruction in that area. Doug also has experience teaching about fundamental analysis, which he combines with the technical analysis techniques and earnings announcements. Doug explains how to use strangles on companies that have the potential to move big on an earnings announcement.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1: Options & Covered Calls
  2. Chapter 2: Stockbrokers
  3. Chapter 3: Market Makers
  4. Chapter 4: Fundamentals
  5. Chapter 5: Technicals
  6. Chapter 6: Other Motivating Factors

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