A Beginner's Guide to Day Trading Online

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Day trading is highly profitable and highly tumultuous. Moreover, the financial markets have changed considerably in recent years. Expert author Toni Turner gives you the latest information on mastering the markets, including:

  • Decimalization of stock prices
  • New trading products such as E-minis and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Precision entries and exits

The new breed of trader Written in an accessible, step-by-step manner, A Beginner's Guide to Day Trading online, 2nd Edition shows how to day trade stocks in today's market. Bear markets, skyrocketing home values, and a burgeoning demand for commodities have all contributed to roller-coaster stock prices. To top it off, the operating procedures of the markets have also changed. Expert author Toni Turner gives readers the latest information on mastering the markets.

A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online has been completely updated and takes you step-by-step through basic technical analysis, market fundamentals, and money management techniques. Skills and strategies used by professional traders are explained, and then a Boot Camp throws you into the heat of market battle and guides you around the landmines. Written in a lighthearted, easy-to-understand style, A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Online 2nd Edition makes the usual dry discussions of how, when, and why to place a profitable trade easy to grasp.

Positive Review of Book A Beginner's Guide to Day Trading Online

Thinking I could transfer my 20+ years of quite successful investing experience to a more active trading style, I started online trading about 8 months ago. Reading this book was like reading my own journal of the past 8 month's painful experience! Reading this book before I started may not have prevented me from making those mistakes, but it most likely would have helped me recognize them once made and stopped me from repeating them over and over, piling up ever more losses! Just as she describes, the good news is you do turn a corner to profitable trades once you learn some very basic but important lessons. This book can shorten that time for beginners.

Her section on Boot Camp is very good. Her system has rank beginners learning and up and running in 2 weeks what took me about 3-4 months to discover from everyone who would teach me.

There's also more than enough technical strategies presented which traders from beginners to more experienced ones can apply and use daily.

Her light humorous style makes this easier to read than most trading books without detracting from the serious message. If my sister or a good friend wanted to start trading, this would be the book I'd give them to read first.

Negative Review of Book A Beginner's Guide to Day Trading Online

Ms.Turner needs to cut down on her caffene. What starts out as a promising book on day trading quickly devolves into an infantile screaming and bragging session. She peppers practically every sentence with an exclamation mark as if all her words had world shattering implications. Sorry Tony, the only shattering you have done is with our patience. The book is filled with self-promotion and boasting and this wears thin quickly. She is not so much a successful day trader as much as a person who knows how to sell books. While her hyper style of teaching may work in a conference setting, it goes over as crude and condesending in print. She is not the end all be all of beginning day trading instruction books, as she would like to think, but only a small pebble on the beach of hundreds of get rich quick scheme books. It is unfortunate that I was duped into buying this book by the reviews written here. Don't be suckered, avoid this book and buy one that is more professional and easy to understand.

Author Biography

Toni Turner is the bestselling author of A Beginner's Guide to Day Trading Online, 1st Edition, A Beginner's Guide to Short-Term Trading and Short-Term Trading in the New Stock Market An investor/trader with fourteen years' experience, she is a popular educator and speaker at financial conferences and trading forums across the country. Toni has appeared on NBC, MSNBC, CNN, CNNfn, and CNBC's Power Lunch, with Bill Griffith. She has been interviewed on dozens of radio programs and featured in CBSMarketWatch.com, Fortune magazine, and Bloomberg Personal Finance. She currently serves as a consultant to Townsend Analytics, Ltd. Ms. Turner resides in Southern CA.

Table of Contents

    • Wall Street: The Greatest Game On Earth
    • Off To A Running Start Setting Up Your Business
    • Master A Money-Making Mindset
    • Market Machinations 101: The Fuel That Sparks The Energy
    • Market Machinations 102: Basic Charting Techniques That Make You Money
    • Jump-Start On Charting Basics
    • Charting Close-ups
    • Putting The Puzzle Together
    • The Bells and Whistles: How They Chime and Tweet
    • It's Showtime!
    • Where The Rubber Meets The Road: Money-Management Techniques
    • Winning Strategies For Selling Short
    • Anatomy Of A Trader
    • You, The Wizard of Odds

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