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Barra Resources (BAR) is an exploration company searching primarily for gold and nickel, with tenements mainly in Australia. Key projects are located in the Kalgoorlie-Coolgardie-Widgiemooltha region of Western Australia. Exploration companies aim to discover and delineate occurrences of metals and minerals that can be economically mined and extracted. The company was listed on the ASX on 12 December 2000. The company has a focus on targeting and developing high grade gold and base metal deposits in Western Australia.

BAR's current operations centre around four major projects: joint ventures at Riverina and Quinn Hills, Burbanks and the more recent drilling at Phillips Find. The company has expanded its capacity through the alliance formed with its joint venture partners and is keen to exploit the discovery of gold and nickel opportunities at those sites. Continuous exploration at Burbanks and Phillips Find has provided signs of gold deposits, and definitive drilling programs are being implemented. In addition, major competitors of Barra Resources (BAR) include other gold and nickel exploration companies within Australia, including Arafura Resources (ARU). Customers include wholesalers and the retail sector in Australia and international markets.

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  • Gold exploration

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Barra Resources Head Office
33 Richardson Street, Level 3, Mercury House,
Phone: 08 9481 3911
Fax: 08 9226 0130

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