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Aviva Corporation (AVA) is an exploration company primarily searching for coal, with tenements mainly in Australia. It was listed on the ASX in 1994, with its main interests in gold and mineral exploration in Western Australia, Queensland and the Philippines with its old name Egerton. By the end of 1999, Egerton totally withdrew from the Philippines, sold project interests in QLD and fanned out interests in WA. The company changed its name from Egerton Gold NL (EGD) to Equico Corporation Ltd (EQL) on 16 March 2000 and then to Aviva Corporation (AVA) on 14 June 2001. AVA’s key project is the Central West Coal Project, located near Eneabba, Western Australia. Exploration companies aim to discover and delineate occurrences of metals and minerals that can be economically mind and extracted.

AVA is pursuing the development of an iron-making project in the Mid West region of WA. Outputs are forecast to increase respectively over a period of 10 years. This concept is being confirmed by a pre-feasibility study that investigates the initial case of 0.5Mtpa iron-making unit, 50MW of power cogeneration and 600,000tpa of coal production. Moreover, The majority of AVA's coal is exported to Asia, as has become the trend for most Australian coal producers. As a result of industry consolidation BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto have emerged as the two dominant Australian producers. These are the main competitors of Aviva Corporation, however there are also a large number of international and second tier domestic competitors.

Aviva is an integrated energy company listed on both the Australian Stock Exchange and Botswana Stock Exchange with its head office in Perth. The company is growing a portfolio of integrated energy assets. Aviva’s most advanced asset is the Coolimba Power project in Western Australia. The Coolimba Power project will be on the Central West Coal project and is a 400-450MW base load power station in the Mid West with provision for a 360MW gas fired power station and up to 2.9million tones per annum carbon sequestration project. The project is conveniently located in the northern half of the SWIS power grid to take advantage of demand growth both in the SWIS and from new resource projects. It will become an ‘energy hub’ providing power to urban and regional consumers and export developments in the key Mid West region of WA. The location has the advantage of low cost fuel, available water, adjacent infrastructure, existing mining lease and freehold land and proximity to a number of carbon storage sites. Aviva is earning a 90% interest in the Mmamantswe project in Botswana where it has outlined a 1.3 billion tonne coal resource. The project is well positioned, being on the South African border and adjacent to key infrastructure including, highway, railway, and high voltage transmission lines. The company is continually reviewing integrated energy opportunities.

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Aviva Corporation Head Office
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