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Avastra Sleep Centres (AVS) is involved in the biotechnological research and development in the field of wound healing and wound closure. Its main product is biocompatible BioWeld®, a protein-based technology replacing surgical sutures and staples used in the anastomosis (that is, joining) of vessels, like arteries in complex procedures. AVS was listed on the ASX in June 2004. Its head office is situated in North Ryde, Sydney. The company is investigating potential acquisitions in the medical devices area to broaden and lower its technology risk. AVS was renamced to its current name in December 2007. The company also develops anastomotical devices for use in cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and genito-urinary procedures.

The company, with its bio compatible BioWeld® protein-based technology, aims to modify surgery, making tissue approximation much faster, simpler and safer. Its core product is the Bioweld® Tube, a bio compatible solid, protein tube impregnated with a light sensitive activator for instantly fusing and sealing severed blood vessels end-to-end in procedures such as free flap surgery. In addition, AVS's major customers include healthcare specialists, private and public hospitals, GPs and other health professionals. Major competitors are companies that are involved in the development and commercialization of similar medical products.

Avastra Sleep Centres (AVS) Products and Services

  • Operating sleep centres for diagnosing sleep disorders

Avastra Sleep Centres (AVS) Locations and Subsidiaries

Avastra Sleep Centres Head Office
360 Queen Street, Level 7,
Phone: (07) 3120 0637
Fax: (07) 3120 0639

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