Australian Stock Exchange - Biggest Dollar Gain or Loss Stocks

Submitted by Marco on 21 April, 2006 - 21:36

Australian Stock Exchange listed stocks with the largest dollar gain and in the S&P/ASX200. Why should a share trader be interested? Because CFDs are on margin - usually 10% on the ASX200, and the larger the dollar $ move the larger the profits. Why look at the largets Gain and Losers? because you can either go Long or Short, respectiely.

On the positive side of things on the Australian Stock Exchange today Wesfarmers (WES) was the biggest dollar gainer with +83 cents. Next was Publishing and Broadcasting (PBL) with 49 cents. CSL (CSL) also moved 49 cents. Percentage wise, PBL outstripped CSL's move moving 2.72% of its share price against CSLs 0.91%. Next stock was Transpact (TPI) with 46 cents. The rest are: COH, FMG, SGM, GUD, DOW, CEY, HSP, ANZ, CRG, AGL, WBC, LNN, CDO, ALS, TCL, GTP, ALL, WAN, MTS and MCC rounded out the stocks that raised more double digits today.

Okay, biggest loser on the Australian Stock Exchange ASX200 was Rio Tinto (RIO) with $2.80 drop in price. Followed by Aqua (AQP) dropping 5.97% or $1.14. BHP and WPL both dropped 0.90 cents. Caltex (CTX) dropped 88 cents. Other falling in order of dollar lost are: ZFX, NCM, WOR, ORI, BBG, PPT, JBM, RHC, AWC. Noticed how a lot of the bug droppers were mining stocks? Well thats because silver dropped 40% overnight.