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Australian Renewable Fuels Limited (ARW) is involved in the business of biodiesel production and its sale. It was founded in May 2001 and listed on the ASX on 10 May 2005. It is located in 175 Collins Street, Level 9, MELBOURNE. Australian Renewable Fuels Limited (ARW) is primarily involved in the commercialisation of biodiesel. The company is currently constructing biodiesel plants in Adelaide, South Australia and Picton, Western Australia.

Lack of domestic competition and a growing market for biodiesel are ARW's strong points. Biodiesel is seen as an increasingly popular source of energy not only due to its low emission levels and other environmental benefits, but also as it can be used as an alternative to mineral diesel in most applications. Moreover, Australian Renewable Fuels intends to sell its biodiesel production into both the established European market as well as the emerging Australian market. Since the Australian market is still in its infancy stage, it offers the company strong growth opportunities. Domestically, the company considers there is no credible commercial competition at this time in Western Australia or South Australia, however ARW may have competition in establishing production in other states.

Australian Renewable Fuels Limited (ARF) is an Australian company currently producing biodiesel at two plants - one in Adelaide, South Australia and another in Picton, Western Australia. ARF has been in operation since 2005 and produces biodiesel meeting the strictest biodiesel standards worldwide.

The company was founded by Amadeus Energy Limited in May 2001. ARF's vision is to become the pre-eminent Australian biodiesel producer by managing a planned roll-out of biodiesel plants within Australia. The Company's expansion program includes the establishment of biodiesel plants overseas. The technology used in Australian Renewable Fuels' plants is the proven Energea process, also currently operating in Europe. ARF has an exclusivity agreement with Energea for the use of the technology in the Australasian region and parts of North America, including manufacturing rights.

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  • Biodiesel production and sales

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Australian Renewable Fuels Head Office
175 Collins Street, Level 9,
Phone: (03) 9663 8222
Fax: (03) 9650 0070

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