Australian Pharmaceutical Companies

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Researching for Australian pharmaceutical companies to invest or trade shares?

Researching for Australian pharmaceutical companies to invest or trade shares? Or pharmaceutical companies listed on the Australian sharemarket? Well here’s a list of the pharmaceutical companies found on the Australian stockmarket. The ASX have a variety of businesses listed on their exchange which represent the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical sector contains companies which provide pharmaceutical services to the public.

Australian Pharmaceutical Company Stocks

  • Acrux (ACR) - is a pooled development fund which invests primarily in pharmaceutical businesses developing new products involving the delivery of pharmaceuticals via the skin.
  • Actinogen (ACW) - is involved in the commercialisation of bioactive compounds.
  • Advanced Ocular Systems (AOS) - is a biotechnology company engaged in the development of ophthalmology products and ophthalmic research.
  • Agenix (AGX) - is an Australian-based company engaged in the research and development of biotechnology.
  • Alchemia (ACL) - is a biotechnology company.
  • Ambri (ABI) - is a biotechnology development company.
  • Anadis (ANX) - is a bio-pharmaceutical research and development company.
  • Antisense Therapeutics (ANP) - is an Australian-based company operating mainly in the health care industry. Antisense is engaged in the creation, development and commercialisation of the antisense pharmaceuticals.
  • Apollo Life Sciences (AOP) - specialises in biotechnology. The Company develops, manufactures and markets therapeutics based on human proteins.
  • Arana Therapeutics (AAH) - is a global biopharmaceutical Company actively involved in the research, development, production and distribution of peptide based medical products for use in the pharmaceutical and veterinary industries.
  • Avexa (AVX) - is a drug-discovery company principally engaged in the research and development of anti-infectives. Avexa's core focus is on the research, discovery and development of innovative medicines for the cure of the diseases caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Vancomycin- and methicillin-resistant bacteria.
  • Cellestis (CST) - is a company engaged in the development, manufacturing as well as marketing of different medical diagnostic products and scientific research
  • Chemeq (CMQ) - is a research driven veterinary pharmaceutical company engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of its product, CHEMEQ polymeric anti-microbial (CHEMEQ).
  • Chemgenex Pharmaceuticals (CXS) - is an Australia-based biotechnology research and development company engaged in the improving patients' lives through the development of personalised therapeutics in the areas of obesity, cancer, depression and diabetes.
  • Circadian Technologies (CIR) - is a biotechnology company engaged in the development and commercialisation of biologics-based therapies for the cure of cancer and other serious diseases.
  • Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals (CUV) - specialises in the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals and prescription dermatology products. Clinuvel is engaged in the development of its innovative drug candidate afamelanotide.
  • Csl (CSL) - is a biopharmaceutical conglomerate that develops, manufactures and markets products which act as treatment or prevention against human medical conditions.
  • Genetic Technologies (GTG) - is a life science company engaged in the licensing of biotechnology patents as well as specialising in the fields of genomics and genetics with operations in Canada, Switzerland and Australia.
  • IDT Australia (IDT) - is a specialist pharmaceutical manufacturing company primarily focused on the development, scale-up and manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Its principal activities incorporate the research, development and supply of pharmaceutical products and the provision of other technical services for the pharmaceutical and allied industries.
  • Life Therapeutics (LFE) - . (LFE) is a biotechnology company engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of haemostasis and separation technologies for the life science markets.
  • Metabolic Pharmaceuticals (MBP) - is a biotechnology company with around 300 million issued shares. The principal focus of the Company is to take innovative drugs, with strong market potential, through research, formal preclinical and clinical development.
  • Novogen (NRT) - is a pharmaceutical company engaged in the development, discovery, manufacturing, and marketing of different health products using the isoflavonoid technology.
  • Pharmaxis (PXS) - is a pharmaceutical company specialising in the research, development and commercialisation of therapeutic pharmaceutical products. The Company manufactures specialty products for use in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic respiratory and immune disorders.
  • Prana Biotechnology (PBT) - is a company engaged in researching about Alzheimer's disease as well as other type of age-related neurodegenerative diseases and disorders.
  • Progen Pharmaceuticals (PGL) - is a biotechnology company engaged in discovering, developing as well as commercialising the small molecule pharmaceutical for cancer treatment.
  • pSivida (PVA) - is an international bio-nanotech company specialising in the development of drug-delivery products in the healthcare industry, with its core focus on ophthalmology and oncology.
  • Sigma Pharmaceuticals (SIP) - is a company engaged in manufacturing, marketing and distributing pharmaceutical products through drugstore and grocery channels.
  • Sirtex Medical (SRX) - is a biotechnology and medical device company. The Company is principally focused on the research and commercial development of liver cancer treatments using small particle technology.
  • Starpharma Holdings (SPL) - is a world leading developer of nanotechnology-based pharmaceuticals operating in Australia and United States. The Company develops and commercialises dendrimer products for use in pharmaceutical, life-science and other applications.