Australian Economic Calendar - March 2010

Submitted by Share Trading on 23 March, 2010 - 20:08

Here is a list of key important events on the Australian economic calendar.

Here is a list of key important events on the Australian economic calendar. This Economic Calendar provides a schedule of key upcoming Australian economic events which may or may not influence your share trading or forex trading.

Monday, March 1st 2010
AiG Mfg Index Feb 53.8 prev 51.0 (9.30am)
TD-MI Inflation Feb 0.1% prev 0.8% (10.30am)
Coy Profit Q4 2.2% prev –1.4% (11.30am)
C. Acct Q4 –17.5bn prev –14.7bn (11.30am)
Inventories Q4 +0.2% prev 0.1% (11.30am)
RBA Com. Index Feb prev –11.7% y/y (4.30pm)
Tuesday, March 2nd 2010
Building Approvals Jan exp +0.8% prev 2.2% (11.30am)
Wednesday, March 3rd 2010
GDP Q4 exp +0.7% prev 0.2% (11.30am)
Thursday, March 4th 2010
Trade Balance Jan exp –1.3bn prev –2.3bn (11.30am)
Friday, March 5th 2010
Monday, March 8th 2010
Tuesday, March 9th 2010
NAB Business Conditions Feb (11.30am)
ANZ Job Ads Feb prev –8.1% (11.30am)
Wednesday, March 10th 2010
WMI Cons. Confid. Mar prev –2.6% (10.30am)
Housing Finance Jan exp –3.0% prev –5.5% (12.30am)
Thursday, March 11th 2010
Consumer Inflation Exp’s Mar prev 3.2% (11am)
Australian Labour Force [11:30am}
Employment Change Feb exp 20k prev 52.7k
Unemployment Rate Feb exo 5.3% prev 5.3%
Participation Rate Feb exp 65.3% prev 65.3%
Friday, March 12th 2010
Monday, March 15th 2010
Tuesday, March 16th 2010
RBA Minutes Mar (11.30am)
Wednesday, March 17th 2010
Westpac Leading Index Jan prev 0.5% (10.30am)
Dwelling Starts Q4 exp 7% prev 9.4% (11.30am)
Thursday, March 18th 2010
RBA FX Transaction Feb orev 295m (11.30am)
Friday, March 19th 2010
Monday, March 22nd 2010
New Vehicle Sales Feb prev .3.4% (11.30am)
Tuesday, March 23rd 2010
Wednesday, March 24th 2010
DEWR Skilled Vacancies Mar prev 1.6% (11am)
Thursday, March 25th 2010
Conference Board Ldg Index Jan (10am)
RBA Financial Stability Review (11.30am)
Friday, March 26th 2010
Monday, March 29th 2010
Tuesday, March 30th 2010
Wednesday, March 31st 2010
Building Approvals Feb (11.30am)
Retail Sales Feb (11.30am)
RBA Credit Feb exp 0.3% prev 0.4% (11.30am)

Dates and other values are subject to change. No responsibilities in any inaccuracies or omissions that occur in this calendar. If you find any incorrect dates or entries, please contact us.