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Austpac Resources is in the business of exploration and development of mineral sands deposits. It was originally incorporated in NSW as Absolajur. Its name was changed to Austpac Resources in 1985. The company was listed on the ASX on 24 July 1986. it is located in 62 Pitt Street, Level 3, SYDNEY. Austpac Resources (APG) is an exploration company that has developed a mineral processing technology to upgrade ilmenite (a titanium mineral) to synthetic rutile, a prime input for manufacturing titanium dioxide pigment. APG has agreements with ilmenite explorers in Australia to provide mineral processing services. It is seeking similar agreements in India. APG also has a tenement in the Murray basin, Victoria, where it is searching primarily for ilmenite, gold, copper and zircon.

APG has been processing ilmenite for over 15 years and has developed a number of proprietary technologies, including the ERMS and EARS processes. Austpac has also developed the LTR Process for low-temperature roasting of both fresh and weathered ilmenites. The processes that APG has developed have direct application to the mineral sands, the titanium dioxide and other industries.

Austpac’s key technology transforms ilmenite into high grade synthetic rutile (synrutile), an important feedstock for titanium dioxide pigment production and a preferred feedstock for titanium sponge, an intermediate step in the production of titanium metal. The technology can also be used to process waste chloride solutions and iron oxides produced by steel making to recover hydrochloric acid and saleable iron metal pellets. A third process can be used to produce Austpac Direct Reduced Iron from both hematite and magnetite iron ores.

Austpac Resources NL (APG) Products and Services

  • Development of mineral processing technology
  • Exploration and development of mineral sands deposits

Austpac Resources NL (APG) Locations and Subsidiaries

Austpac Resources Head Office
62 Pitt Street, Level 3,
Phone: 02 9252 2599
Fax: 02 9252 8299

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