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Austofix Group (AYX) manufactures and designs orthopaedic medical devices and implants with a particular focus on public health care issues and trauma predisposed by osteoporosis. It is one of a few Australian companies that can take a new device concept, develop it and turn it into a fully commercialised product that meets regulatory approval for distribution around the world.

Orthopaedics is the surgical specialisation concerned with the musculoskeletal system. In the course of their work, orthopaedic surgeons may require medical devices and implants to treat fractured bone, anatomical deformity or arthritic joints. The worldwide orthopaedic market was estimated to be approximately $37 billion in 2008.

Since its beginnings 15 years ago, Austofix has amassed a team of world-class research and development specialists who work with orthopaedic surgeons to identify emerging needs for devices that assist in the efficient and accurate repair of orthopaedic trauma. It was listed on Australian Stock market (ASX) on 27 February, 2008

It is now one of Australia’s key contributors to the medical technology industry – an industry that operates within an internationally competitive environment. By focusing their energies on specific market niches, they successfully leverage the experience and talent of their staff to develop effective, affordable and ethical solutions for patients with osteoporosis.

They understand that accidents don’t wait to happen, so they make sure that the equipment is ready when you are. With a dedicated customer service and sales team that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Austofix equipment is ready to use at a moment’s notice. The Austofix focus is on trauma so they understand the specific needs of trauma surgeons, which is why their product specialists are on call every day of the year to attend theatre and support procedures whether by offering advice on patient positioning or providing instruction on equipment and instrument use. Austofix now services major trauma centres and hospitals around Australia and exports to Asia, South America, Europe and the Middle East.

Austofix products and innovations assist in making surgical procedures simple, accurate and almost intuitive resulting in a better outcome for the patient and the health system.

They measure their success in orthopaedic trauma equipment through clinical results and feedback. The company understand that time spent in the theatre is critical and costly on many levels for the patient, the surgical team and the hospital. As they design their products, they ensure that the supporting instruments are exactly the tools required to ensure the most efficient procedure. Furthermore, Austofix promptly addresses clinical feedback; making product refinements if it is deemed to positively impact on patient recovery.

Austofix Group (AYX) Products and Services

  • Designer, manufacturer and distributor of specialist orthopaedic implants and instruments

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Austofix Group Head Office
Level 11, 101 Grenfell Street,
Phone: (08) 83510644
Fax: (08) 83593122

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