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APN/UKA European Retail Property Group (AEZ) is a holding Company that invests in European retail properties. AEZ has its business operations located in European Union. The trust makes investments in a diversified portfolio of retail properties that range from supermarkets to leisure and local shopping centres. The company prefers to invest in those properties that can maximize the value of the Fund’s long term earnings, and are located in strong demographic regions having high tenancy levels. As at December 2007, the trust retained a portfolio of presently 36 retail properties situated in 7 countries throughout Europe. The Trust listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on July 28, 2005. Its management team was formed on a 50/50 joint venture basis between APN and UKA. APN is an Australian property funds management group incorporated in 1997 and it is also the responsible entity for the trust. UKA is a London-based group of property specialists having association with both developers and investors in the European property markets.

APN FM aims at maximizing unit holder value by investing in European retail properties which present rather stable income streams and are prospective for capital growth. The Group is also focusing on expanded activities comprising property development and refurbishment, property management, commercialisation and forming retail property syndicates.

APN/UKA European Retail Property Group History

APN Funds Management is managed by APN Property Group Limited which is the responsible entity for the group. APN Funds Management (APN FM) is a property funds manager that specializes in property investments and it was founded in 1997. The fund invests in a range of property funds and its customer base includes clientele and advisers in the wholesale, institutional, investment platform and retail markets.

APN/UKA European Retail Property Group (AEZ) Products and Services

  • Specialised in property funds and property securities funds management

APN/UKA European Retail Property Group Competitors

  • Westfield Group
  • GPT Group/Babcock and Brown
  • Bunnings Warehouse Property Trust
  • ING Industrial Fund

APN/UKA European Retail Property Group (AEZ) Locations and Subsidiaries

APN/UKA European Retail Property Group Head Office
Level 30, 101 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: (03) 8656 1000
Fax: (03) 8656 1010

APN/UKA European Retail Property Group Subsidiaries

APN Property Holdings (No. 14) BV
APN Finance Company Sarl
APN Property Holdings (No. 1) Sarl
APN Property Holdings (No. 2) Sarl
APN Property Holdings (No. 5) Sarl

APN/UKA European Retail Property Group (AEZ) Share Price

Submitted by ASX Listed Company on 26 September, 2008 - 22:26

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