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Anteo Diagnostics (ADO) formerly Biolayer Corporation (BLS) is a materials science company. It provides material science based solutions that change the way immunoassays (clinical disease tests) are developed. BLS focuses on developing novel, high-value, biomimetic polymers for the rapidly growing markets of research and clinical diagnostics immunoassays, bioseparations, drug delivery and medical devices. ADO was listed on the Australian stock market in 7 April, 2000. Investors can trade Anteo Diagnostics shares on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

Anteo Diagnostics (ASX:ADO) is fully equipped with laboratories at the Brisbane Technology Park in Brisbane, QLD. The company's name is derived from Anteo, a latin root for "anticipate, prevent, precede", reflecting our approach to diagnostics opportunities.

The company's core competencies are their own products for rapid assay development and enhancement on different platforms, combined with their experience in intellectual property development, market analysis and multi-tiered commercialisation strategies. Diagnostic data present significant untapped opportunities in the rapidly evolving healthcare markets.

Anteo Diagnostics evolved from Bio-Layer Corporation Ltd (ASX:BLS), an Australian material science company, established in 1999 and listed on the ASX through a reverse acquisition by SSH Medical (ASX:SSH) in October of 2005. The company developed a platform for the rapid design of novel materials for the biotechnology, diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries. Bio-Layer was re-energised in early 2008 through recapitalization, management and board renewal.

A strategy was envisioned that more effectively utilises its core competencies and mitigates risk by expanding its commercialisation opportunities. So the transition was made from a materials science company to a one-stop shop for commercialisation of novel diagnostics opportunities.

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  • Developing and commercialising medical products

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Anteo Diagnostics Head Office
Unit 4, 26 Brandl Street,
Phone: (07) 3219 0085
Fax: (07) 3219 0553

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