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amscot Discount Stockbroking is the non-advisory division of State One Stockbroking Ltd (AFSL 247100), a full trading and clearing Participant of the ASX Group. amscot was created in late 2002 to provide Australia's best non-advisory broking service. In achieving this, we focus on three core aims - competitive brokerage rates in Australia, offer "full service minus advice", and be totally trader friendly. amscot is Australia's Best Value Discount Stockbroking Service as voted by both Money magazine's Best of the Best, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 and Personal Investor Magazine's Excellence in Financial Services awards 2005.
amscotOnline offers traders one of the best trading platforms available. It can be tailored to the unique needs of professional and high activity traders, or to low volume private home traders. amscotOnline offers a totally dynamic price feed, portfolio and cash position. amscotOnline utilises the market-leading IRESS trading platform to give clients direct access to the market with the same speed as direct ITS access used by ASX participants. The IRESS trading platform is supported by State One's sophisticated trade administration system.

The amscotPhone service offers one of the most effective dealing desks in Australia. Our team is trained to provide you with prompt, efficient and courteous service, whether you are a regular local trader or a one-off sale client. amscot offers you user-friendly account opening procedures, regardless of the type of account you require.