Acuvax Dividends

Submitted by Share Trading on 18 October, 2010 - 01:05

Study the dividend records for Acuvax. Dividends are payments made by a corporation to its shareholder members. It is the portion of corporate profits paid out to stockholders. If Avantogen Limited has declared a dividend, you may be eligible to receive ACU dividends if the investor the company's stock on the ex-dividend date. Investors must have purchase the shares before the ex dividend date to be entitled to the dividend declared by the company. If you buy the stocks on or after the ex dividend date, the previous owner of the shares will receive the dividend. The Date Payable or the Pay Date is the day when the dividend is paid to shareholders.

AVANTOGEN LIMITED (ASX:ACU) shares can be traded by share traders on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). The publicly listed company, AVANTOGEN LIMITED is in the Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences industry. ACU is an international biotechnology company developing a product portfolio of a broad range of oncology-related products.

No Dividends

There are no dividend records for Acuvax Limited available.

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