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ACU is an international biotechnology company developing a product portfolio of a broad range of oncology-related products. The company is currently involved in a pancreatic cancer drug (RP101), which is in phase II clinical studies, and Pentry's anti-cancer vaccine, which is being evaluated in prostate cancer patients. Pentry targets one of the most common defects in cancer cells - a mutated p53 gene. Acuvax Limited (ACU) was listed on the ASX in August 1971. Its headquarters are situated in Sydney. ACU was renamed to its current name in December 2008.

ACU has acquired Revisys (wholly owned subsidiary), gaining the rights to manufacture, market and distribute a range of integrative, nutritional medicine products developed for people with chronic health issues, but beneficial for individuals concerned with optimal nutritional protection and maintenance of good health. Products include Essential Multi Nutrient, Essential Lipids and Anti-Oxidant Protection. In addition, The prevalence and incidence of major cancers provide a significant market for ACT’s p53 project, given its potential to target several types of tumours. ACU competes with numerous other biotechnology companies involved in cancer research.

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Acuvax Ltd (ASX: ACU) represents a refocus of the Avantogen group, its current assets and the support of its investors and stakeholders on the most exciting and promising areas of the company's diagnostic and therapeutic profile, namely vaccine development. In the view of many experts, the next decade will see a significant ‘boost’ to vaccine sales, licensing activities and new product launches. There will be a new resurgence in vaccine sales and utilisation, making vaccines one of the fastest growing segments of the pharmaceutical market. Visiongain Research (2009) predicts that vaccine revenues will increase in size by several hundred percent between 2007 and 2023. The importance of vaccines in both developed and developing nations becomes underlined by epidemiological patterns and healthcare needs.

The key growth driver for vaccines is their cost-effectiveness in combating disease. This situation will encourage greater use of vaccines by governments and private healthcare providers. New disease targets that could be mitigated through vaccination with current technologies, include high profile (and potentially profitable) targets such as Dengue Fever, West Nile Virus, Pandemic Flu, and various other emerging infectious diseases. Through Acuvax’s current and valuable investment in Hawaii Biotech Inc , a portfolio company in the Acuvax family of investments, and new potential opportunities sourcing exciting Australian technologies in the vaccine space, we have noted preventative medicine offers significant increases in quality of life and reduction of healthcare expenditure that can result from prophylaxis. Acuvax is positioning itself within the industry, responding with innovative products, making full use of technological advances in biotechnology.

This market has great developmental potential, both therapeutically and commercially. There are currently more than 1000 vaccines in research and development worldwide, and a number of recently announced strategic transactions of between USD$300M to $1B for companies who have promising vaccine products.

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  • Cancer drug development

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