Top Winners of the Week

Submitted by Jim Thesiger on 9 May, 2010 - 21:57

Ausenco (AAX), a well known company that operates engineering and project management facilities in a global scale with a portfolio of operations including construction supervision, engineering procurement, project administration, commissioning and management of mineral processing plants activities was the best performer of the 14th week in ASX200 with a gain of 15.9 percent closing the week at $5.10 (market capitalisation $623.9 million). The company traded its stocks for $4.40 last week. It was a mixture of project management, exploration, paper manufacturing and property management companies in the ASX200 list for the week: Ausenco (AAX), Energy World Corporation (EWC), Paperlinx (PPX), Murchison Metals (MMX), FKP Property Group (FKP). Next in the line was Energy World Corporation (EWC), an exploration company that concentrates in exploration, exploitation and production of oil and gas. The company added 14.9 percent to its stock price closing for the week at 54 cents with a market capitalisation of $843.0 million. EWC shares were traded at 47 cents during the last week. Paperlinx (PPX), a company that is involved in the in communication paper manufacturing and packaging business was in the third position with 14.7 percent gain to its stock price closing the week at 82 cents (market capitalisation $494.9 million). The company shares were traded at 72 cents a week earlier. Murchison Metals (MMX), a company with major focus on iron ore exploration and mining business held the fourth position in the list adding 9.5 percent to its stock price closing for the week at $3.01 (market capitalisation of $1310.5 million). The company traded at $2.75 during the last week. Murchison Metals was followed by FKP Property Group (FKP), a compnay that focuses on resort management, construction and investment, associated infrastructure and retirement villages' management business. FKP added 8.8 percent to its share price and was closed for the week at 81 cents (market capitalisation $935.3 million). A week earlier the company traded at 74 cents in the stock exchange.