Top 3 Losers of the ASX for This Week

Submitted by Jim Thesiger on 9 March, 2010 - 17:09

Spark infrastructure Group (SKI), one of the leading infrastructure investment company with a market capitalisation of $1284.7 million was the worst performer in the ASX100 list for the 8th week. The company lost 12.3 percent or 18 cents to its stock price and was closed for the week at $1.25. For this week, the list of worst performing stocks of the Australian Stock Exchange was dominated by infrastructure investment, health care, agricultural products, utilities and property investment companies: Spark infrastructure Group (SKI), Primary Health Care (PRY), Nufarm (NUF), Sims Metal Management (SGM), Hastie Group (HST), Charter Hall Group (CHC). Primary Health Care (PRY), a renowned company in the Australian healthcare sector that offers medical and healthcare services in various parts of the country was the second worst performer in ASX100 losing 7.2 percent or 32 cents closing the week at $4.07 (market capitalisation $1960.2 million). It was followed by Nufarm (NUF), a company that focuses in the production and distribution of agricultural chemicals. The company saw a 7.1 percent or 70 cents drop to its stock price and was closed for the week at $9.03.

In the ASX200 list, it was Spark infrastructure Group (SKI), Hastie Group (HST) and Charter Hall Group (CHC) - who were the top three worst performers of the week. Among them, Spark infrastructure Group (SKI) held the first position. Hastie Group (HST), a company that offers commercial and industrial air conditioning, mechanical, hydraulics, electrical and refrigeration products and systems was in the second position in this list losing 7.9 percent 14 cents to is share price and closed for the week at 1.62 (market capitalisation $381.4 million). Charter Hall Group (CHC), a property investment group that invests in specialised unlisted property funds was placed second in this list. The company lost 7.8 percent or 6 cents to its stock price closing the week at 65 cents (market capitalisation $741.3 million).