Best Performing Stocks of the Week

Submitted by Jim Thesiger on 7 February, 2010 - 14:46

Aristocrat Leisure (ALL), a gaming company that focuses on developing gaming machines, software systems and related equipments was the best performer of the week in ASX100 with a gain of 9.5 percent or 38 cents closing the week at $4.35 (market capitalisation: $2320.2 million). It was a mixture of gaming, media, utility and investment companies in the ASX100 and ASX200 list for the week: Aristocrat Leisure (ALL), News Corporation (NWS), Transfield Services (TSE), Hills Industries (HIL), Macquarie CountryWide Trust (MCW). Next in the line was News Corporation (NWS), a renowned diversified global media and entertainment company that added 7.8 percent or $1.29 to its stock price closing for the week at $17.80 (market capitalisation: $14213.7 million). Transfield Services (TSE), a company that offers services in sectors like maintenance, operations, assets and project management was placed third in this list with a gain of 7.5 percent or 27 cents to its stock price and closed at $3.85.

In the ASX200 list, it was Hills Industries (HIL), Macquarie CountryWide Trust (MCW) and Aristocrat Leisure (ALL), who took the first three positions for the week. Among them, Hills Industries (HIL), a diversified company that mainly concentrates on the production and wholesale of metal home and hardware and electronic products was in the top position with a market capitalisation of $570.3 million adding 17.3 percent or 34 cents to its stock price and was closed for the week at $2.30. Macquarie CountryWide Trust (MCW), an investment trust company that principally operates in Australia, New Zealand and US with investments in big shopping centers and groceries was the second best performer of the lists that gained 13.2 percent or 8 cents to its stock price closing the week at 64 cents. The company had a market capitalisation of $952.7 million. The third position was taken by Aristocrat Leisure (ALL).

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