Seven Network to Air New Digital Channel

Submitted by Jim Thesiger on 29 September, 2009 - 08:12

The Australia based commercial television broadcaster Seven Network (SEV) is planning to air its new free-to-air digital channel this November. A formal notice regarding the launch of the channel was submitted by chief executive David Leckie to the ratings provider OzTAM. The channel is expected to be aired on 22nd of November. A letter was sent to OzTAM giving the rating provider 8 weeks notice of the launch of the channel to ensure that the rating would be there during the first broadcast of the new channel. The signal of the channel is expected to be located at 72.

According to Seven Network corporate affairs chiefs Simon Francis, the network will soon unveil its plan for multi-channeling. However, the formal declaration regarding this issue will come later at a suitable time, Mr. Francis added. OzTAM’s chief executive Kate Inglis-Clark refused to make any remark on this issue. Media buyers were informed (informally) regarding the channel previously which is expected to broadcast some of the older shows that were shown on Seven. The shows include includes renowned shows like 24 and Ugly Betty.

The new channel is expected to boost up Seven’s popularity in the media business as the network is determined to get it self to a stronger position against its competitors. The channel is expected to target the similar audience that Nine is current has targeted through its digital channel Go, which was launched on 9th of August. Go mainly targets people within the age range of 14 to 39 and managed to gain attention of 2.2 percent of the viewers within the 6 pm and midnight time period, more than Ten’s One HD Channel that had 1.2 percent share of the viewers. However, the response from the general people to the new channel will depend on the Network’s future strategy.