Riversdale Mining: The Worst Performer of the Week

Submitted by Jim Thesiger on 22 September, 2009 - 17:52

Riversdale Mining (RIV), a coal exploration and mining company that operates in Australia and Africa was the worst performer in the Australian Stock Exchange that lost 9.1 percent to its stock price closing the week at $5.62. The company closed at $6.18 in the earlier week. Riversdale Mining’s market capitalisation was $1075.4 million. It was a mixture of Mining, Exploration and Utility based companies in the list of worst performing stocks of the Australian Stock Exchange: Riversdale Mining (RIV), Nufarm (NUF), Dominion Mining (DOM). Nufarm (NUF), a agricultural chemical producer and distributor with a market capitalisation of $2222 million was the second worst performing company of the list that saw a 7.2 percent drop to its stock price closing at $10.19. Next in the list was Dominion Mining (DOM), a gold exploration and production Company that owns a number of potential exploration projects in three Australian States, who operates and owns the Challenger Gold Mine in South Australia. Dominion Mining with a market capitalisation of $424.4 million lost 6.4 percent to its stock price and was closed for the week at $4.12. Commonwealth Property Office Fund and lluka Resources were placed at the fourth and fifth position correspondingly with Commonwealth Property Office Fund losing 6.1 percent and lluka 5 percent.