The Best Performing Stocks of the Week 28

Submitted by Jim Thesiger on 12 July, 2009 - 04:15

Consolidated Media Holdings (CMJ), a company that is engaged in the business of gaming, entertaining, television broadcasting, program development, magazine publishing and distributing, subscription television, investment in internet was the best performing stocks in ASX100 index for the week 28 with a gain of 17.1 percent or 38 cents in its stock price closing the week at $2.60. It was a mixture of Media, Property, Packaging, Mining and Exploration companies in the list of the best performing companies in the Australian Stock Exchange for the 28th week of 2009: Consolidated Media Holding (CMJ), Macquarie Office Trust (MOF), Amcor (AMC), Riversdale Mining (RIV), ING Industrial Fund (IIF). Macquarie Office Trust (MOF), one of the top ranked property investment companies of Australia that has property investments in USA, Europe and Australia was the second best company in ASX100. The company gained 10.5 percent or 2 cents closing at 21 cents. Amcor (AMC), one of the biggest packaging companies in the international arena was at the third place of the list gaining 8.7 percent or 41 cents closing the week at $5.08.

Consolidated Media Holdings (CMJ), Riversdale Mining (RIV) and ING Industrial Fund (IIF) were the top three performers in the ASX200 index. Among them, Consolidated Media Holdings was the best performer. Riversdale Mining (RIV), a coal exploration and mining company that operates in Australia and Africa was placed second in the list adding 13.3 percent or 67 cents closing the week at $5.68. The third place was taken by ING Industrial Fund (IIF), a major investor in the real estate business. The company gained 10.6 percent or 3 cents and was closed for the week at 26 cents. The fourth and fifth place was taken by Macquarie Office Trust (MOF) and Amcor (AMC) respectively. Novogen was the overall winner for this week on the Australian stock exchange gaining 36 percent based on its successful outcome from the anti cancer drug experiment.