Alumina (AWC): The Worst Performer of Week 20, 2009

Submitted by Craig Strzelecki on 16 May, 2009 - 09:33

Alumina (AWC), a major supplier of alumina and smelting operations which was enlisted in the Australian Stock Market in 1961 was the worst performer on the ASX100 that lost 20.8 percent or 39 cents. There was a mixture of Real Estate, Office Property investment, Consultancy service and Mining stocks in the list of worst performing companies in the Australian share market for the week 20 of 2009 with Alumina (AWC), Mirvac Group (MGR), Macquarie Office Trust (MOF), Babcock & Brown (BNB) and Ausenco (AAX). Alumina was followed by Mirvac Group (MGR) and Macquarie Office Trust (MOF) in this list. Mirvac Group, a company that operates real estate business in residential and non-residential projects and involved in Real Estate Fund management was the second in the list with a loss of 18.5 percent or 19 cents. Macquarie Office Trust (MOF), a leading investor in office properties which owns some of the major office buildings in USA, Europe and Australia was placed third with a decrease of 3 cents or 18.4 percent.

The ASX200 list of the worst performing stocks had Babcock & Brown (BNB), Ausenco (AAX) and Alumina (AWC) in the top. Among them, Babcock & Brown, an international investor and advisor to renowned multinational enterprises was the worst performer in ASX 200 that lost 43.1 percent or 7 cents. Alumina (AWC) was next in the list that have seen a fall of 20.8 percent or 30 cents. Ausenco, which is renowned for its engineering and management service to the mining and mineral processing industry, came in the third position losing 80 cents or 20.4 percent on its stock. Some other companies of this list were: Macquarie Media Group (MMG) with a loss of 19.4 percent, Mirvac Group with 18.5 percent fall and Macquarie Office Trust (MOF) that saw a decrease of 18.4 percent.