Success in Stock Trading is Success in Your Mindset

Submitted by Marco Palmero on 19 January, 2009 - 11:45

Success in Stock Trading is Success in Your Mindset

So you’ve mastered your skill set in trading: reading stock charts in a technical manner and perhaps understanding the stock performance using an understanding of sound company fundamentals. While you continue to grow your knowledge of these essential skill sets of trading through the actual practise of trading, there is another factor to consider developing: your psychology whilst trading the markets. Have you ever told yourself, after seeing a stock move in your favour: “I saw that coming (but I didn’t have any money invested in that trading idea).” Have you ever wondered what stopped you from taking that trade?

How can you succeed in market trading and also succeed in mastering your mindset? This is the question is seek to answer in the following past articles and also future articles which I write...

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